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Kind heart, fierce mind, brave spirit. A motivational clear sticker is hand drawn and just the perfect size for your laptop or water bottle. It's a reminder to stay strong everyday and remeber.... girl, you totally got this.  Give as a gift or add it to your sticker collection. This sticker is hand lettered & is a clear backing vinyl sticker. 


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"Kind, Fierce, Brave" Sticker


These designs are hand drawn by me and turned into a sticker for you to enjoy. Use  for your laptop, water bottle, car, journal, etc.


Printed on a clear premium adhesive film with a glossy weather resistant laminate to give your stickers a 2-4 year minimum outdoor life. Printed on a PVC-free film that’s environmentally friendly.


- Clear premium PP film with a permanent adhesive
- PET laminate with UV screening to protect from weather and sunlight
- 2-4 year outdoor life
- It measures 3"x 2.2"

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