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March "Daisy's" Free Phone Wallpaper Download


March is finally here, and that means spring is just around the corner. Here in Seattle, the weather has been beautiful and I think spring has decided to show up a little earlier then normal. On my walks with my dog Hurley, I have noticed flowers starting to bloom & those spring colors really starting to show. That is where I got the inspiration behind this months free wallpaper download. I skipped the typically March clover theme and went straight into spring!

I know I have A LOT of new friends that are new to my monthly wallpapers, so I though I would take some time to tell you how this works.

Each month I send my subscribers an email that tells you the code to download the wallpaper for free, or you can find it in my blog post. All you have to do is click on the links, enter the code, checkout & the image will be sent to your email entered. It's that easy. Along with the phone wallpaper I also create a desktop, laptop or ipad version that can be downloaded as well for only $1.00. Maybe this design is not your favorite or you want more then just this one. Well, you are in luck! You can find all my past designs in my shop.

To download for free during the month of March 2021 use coupon code: DDMAR21

I hope you enjoy the March wallpaper and thanks for checking out my blog post, being a subscriber & be sure to follow me on Instagram, Facebook & TikTok!

xoxo, Katie




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