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LEARNING CURVE- Meet the Maker

When I first started Chalk Boss I knew I had weird talent for hand lettering that came naturally, but I did not realize how much I would learn & grown in 7 years of owning my business, and how popular hand lettering would become. I started this business making chalkboards for friends and family and thought I would make a little extra money on the side. Did I ever think in a million years that I would be running my business full time 7 years later. The answer is no! No way did I think that I would be booking 5 to 8 weddings for one weekend and getting corporate jobs. I am always juggling a lot. But I love every minute of it.

But it is true to say for me…. that it was hard before it was easy. And there is still times that it’s not easy. It’s been a huge learning curve and I’m constantly trying to get better, try new techniques & push myself outside of my lettering comfort zone. I have to keep up with trends, listen to my clients needs and wants and dive in every day.

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I can honestly say that just when my business was really taking off, had my best year, and figured out what really worked for my business… the pandemic hit. This last year has been a whole new learning curve. I’m fighting a lot of mixed emotions about what I should put out there, and what kind of business I’m aiming to attract now. I go from feeling like I’m all over the map, to just not caring at all. Which is totally normal when you own a small business and especially an artist mind. It can be really hard, but as long as you are making progress everyday and learning, you are getting somewhere. I have to tell myself that most days!

What I have learned this year, is that I really enjoying making art that is sold directly to you. This is where I thought I would be 7 years ago when I started my small business. As my business grew 1000% right when I started and in a different direction... I had to put this side of my business on the back burner. That was okay, and while I loved the last 7 years of hustling and making chalkboards and chalk art every single day, it's good to have a change and to force myself to get outside of my comfort zone.

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It is true - "Everything is hard before it is easy." The learning curve of owning a small business changes everyday. One day you are teaching yourself how to build a website and the next you are learning how to stay relevant with art trends, marketing strategies.. the list never ends. But that is what owning a small business is all about. I am having so much fun shifting my business & growing this side of Chalk boss and I am excited to be here every single day!



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